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Dear Member/Associate Members,

Sub: The proceedings of The Annual General Body Meeting of Mico Associates Housing Co-operative society Ltd for the year 2017-18 held on 23-09-2018


Place: Mico Garden City Layout
Meeting starts with litting of silver lamps by the couples Mr & Mrs. Chidanandamurthy, Mr & Mrs. Shivakumaraiah & Mr.Gopal Rao

1. Prayer :- By Kumari Usha
2. Welcome Speech :- Mr. Ramachandraiah vice president welcome the members, president, Directors, Administrative Adviser, Legal Adviser & Staff for the meeting.
3. Condolences :- Condolences to the member of our society late Shivanna expired during 2017-18, Former Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, to those brave soldiers who lost their lives while Fighting for our country & to those people of Coorg & Kerala floods victims who lost their lives. The gathering stand & pray for their souls.
4. To read & record the AGBM notice:- Read by the director Mr.Ramesh & recorded unanimously.
5. To read & record the previous 2016-17 AGBM proceedings:- The previous AGBM proceedings read by the director Mr.Palthi Venkatesh naik & recorded unanimously.
6. To read & record the Annual Report for 2017-18 :- Mr. Sadashivamurthy, president read the following Annual Report for 2017-18 & recorded unanimously, On behalf of the management we welcome all the honorable members to the meeting. This society is registered by Karnataka Govt Co-operative society’s Act & Rules on 15-11-2012 & since then successfully working for the betterment of the members. The total regular members are 1210 & 605 Associates members with total of Rs.36,38,000/- share amount. As you all know we have a nomination agreement registered for 50 Acres of land. In which 33 Acres already in society’s name as absolute sale deed. The process of PTCL approval is under progress for remaining 17 acres. The same will be registered as soon as we obtain approval. We obtained all the revenue documents such as RTC, MR Register, Khatha, 79 A & 79 B & other documents for the 33 acres registered. We applied for Hadbust (boundary mark) for fencing. As soon as we get the approval we will fix the boundary & fencing.


Out of the 33 acres of land registered so far,
1). 2 Acres already the conversion land
2).5 acres land approved by the Govt urban development for change of land
3). 9 Acres land already in a residential change of land.
The remaining land proposal for change of land is submitted to BMICAPA which is under progress. Simultaneously we have already applied for conversion at Deputy commissioner office Ramanagar. 17 Acres of PTCL land for substitute is under progress will be completed shortly.
Other Information:- As we all know the previous developer G.Krishnamurthy was failed to complete the land assembling work as per the MOU. As such we removed him. Action has been taken against him as per the co-operative Act & Rules as well as criminal proceedings. The honorable JRCS court & High court has directed to attach the property of Mr.G.Krishnamurthy & recover the amount from him. As per the direction from the High court we have so far recovered Rs.4,14,00,000/- (Four crores fourteen lakhs)by action of property & by other means. The case is under progress.

Reasons for delay:- Due to the slow progress of the previous developer the land assembling work process, The Govt approvals & other work were delayed. At the same time Mr.Sampathkumar said to be a RTI worker petitioned the Tahshildar, ADLR, DDLR, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of ramanagar, Govt Survey department to verify any govt land has been acquired by the society. The survey commissioner summoned us &verified all our revenue documents. which is free from any encroachment and issued directions to the above concerned authorities for approvals. We regret for the delay. In spite of the hurdles, the newly appointed developer has helped us in obtaining most of the approvals & register 33 Acres of the land to our society. In the interest of the members & the society, we are doing the best possible to complete the project as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience & encouragement. In future also, we expect the same from you. We thank all the land owners stood with us in this project, we also thank the members for their immense co-operation, the co-operative department officials, we also thanks those who directly & indirectly support us in this project.

NOTE: Dividend for the year 2017-18 will be issued from 02-11-2018 onwards

Thanking You


Dear Member/Associate Members,

Sub: Updates of Residential Layout proposed at Bidadi.



The Managing Committee hereby wish to intimate all its members, an update on the proposed residential layout. In this regard the overall status of the project and the reasons for delay is as detailed below:

Land Acquisition:
As per previous AGBM the Society procured 20 acres of land. And we are also successful in procuring another 13 acres till date. All together the Society has been successful in procuring total 33 acres of land for the proposed layout. The Managing Committee is in the process of procuring another 17 acres of land, which is expected to be completed within the end of December, 2018.

New allotted Survey Numbers (Phody):

Out of 35 acres of land, the Society is able to complete the survey under the new allotted numbers process for 33 acres of land which is already in the name of Society. We have obtain all the revenue documents such as RTC, MR, KHATHA, Under section 79 A & 79 B, etc., We made an application at survey department for the boundary fixing (Hadbust) of the above 33 acres registered in society name. Society is hopeful of getting approval shortly, As of we obtain the Hadbust will fix the said land boundary. Further Please note that, a RTI worker made an application before Deputy Commissioner, Ramanagar requesting to protect the government lands in and around the lands where our society intend to form the proposed layout. The commissioner for survey department Govt of Karnataka has Scrutinized and directed for approval of the said land. Pursuant to which, all the revenue approvals for the remaining 2 acres was stalled and the Society is regularly following up to commence and complete the allotment of new survey numbers work . The society is hopeful to complete the same in two months’ time.


Change of Land Use/Conversion

The Society has obtained change of land use to an extent of 5 acres from agricultural to Residential purpose from BMICAPA and also approval from the Urban Development Department, Govt of Karnataka. Further 9 acres of land is already obtained the approval for change of land which is submitted to Deputy Commissioner for conversion. We made application for the remaining land acquired in the name of the Society for change of land use from agriculture to residential purpose to the BMICAPA


Around 15 acres of land out of 50 acres in the proposed layout, belongs to PTCL. The Society have necessary agreement with such land owners and have also arranged alternative lands for them and is applying for government approvals. The same is expected to be obtaining on or before November 2018. The Society is also making arrangement to apply for other approvals for these lands to avoid further delay.

Layout Formation

The Society has been able to keep hold of all the lands required for the formation of the layout. The layout map is ready for information at the next AGBM, which have details of land (i) in the name of society, (ii) agreement in the name of Society and (iii) Society having firm commitment with land owners for transfer of land. Further the Society has commenced the planning activity through its planning advisors with respect to the lands which are already in the name of the Society and a draft plan which is under progress. The Managing Committee has confidence in completing the remaining approval process and allot sites to its members within short period.

Other Information

The Society has been able to recover rupees 4 crores 14 lakhs from the former Developer and are addressing the further recovery through arbitration proceedings. On the other hand, the proposed layout is pending completion for more than 5 years, the delay is beyond our expectation and imagination too. The Managing Committee is here by assure to the members that the land required for the layout is secured. The Managing Committee is not able to complete the layout is only due to delay in approval process. Further, the managing committee take this opportunity to thank the co-operation of all the land owners of Banandur Village who stood by the Society for these many years and co-operated in achieving the acquisition process and secure required approvals from revenue department. Also the Managing committee again acknowledge its immense regards towards its members who have been patient and have always been providing their continuous support till date. Further , the Managing Committee hereby assure to work in the better interest of the members & also the society.

Thanking You