The Mico Associates Housing Co-Operative Society LTD. (BOSCH)


The Mico Associates Housing Co-Operative Society Ltd., (BOSCH), is a registered and reputed co-operative institution which is formed with an objective to provide housing plots.

The Society is registered under the Co-Operative Society's Act with the registration number JRB/RGN 25:41778 - 2012 - 13. The Society has layout now under development near Bidadi Industrial Area and its quality and services have won tremendous response from the public as well as authorities.

The society is under the supervision of the following group of Ten directors who have excellent professional, financial and social standings.


It is hereby informed to the members that in addition to the information provided by the Developer with respect to the status of all the approvals and Developments, the Managing Committee is personally taking note of development and time involved in obtaining all the approvals by visiting the office of various Government Authorities. Hence, the update on the project will be Posted by 1st week of October, 2015.

At this stage, we wish to inform that with respect to the change of land use the BMICAPA has issued public notice for an extent of 5 acres 11 guntas which is part of our project land and the initial survey has been conducted by Survey Department with respect to Sy. No.111 which forms part of our project land.


  • Mr. Sadashiva Murthy
  • President
  • Contact: 9900155380
  • Mr. Ramachandraiah
  • Vice President
  • Contact: 9986019833
  • Mr. Krishna Murthy T S
  • Director
  • Contact: 9900216695
  • Mr. Narsimha Murthy H
  • Director
  • Contact: 9880756007
  • Mr. Narayana Prasad N
  • Director
  • Contact: 9449659300
  • Mr. Subhash Chandra
  • Director
  • Contact: 9845260112
  • Mr. Ramesha
  • Director
  • Contact: 9986003492
  • Mr. Ashraf.S.
  • Director
  • Contact: 9945166672
  • Mr. Palthi Venkatesh Naik
  • Director
  • Contact: 9900199206
  • Ms. Tara.A.C.
  • Director
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